Video surveillance system with Multispectral computer vision


The video surveillance system with computer vision Orwell 2k is designed for automatic detection and classification of targets and situations, real time transmission of video information to the operator. The computer vision algorithms used in the system are developed by ELVEES-NeoTek. Orwell 2k computer vision algorithms minimize false alarms and detect situations and targets in difficult interfering environments.

New analytical functions that are required by the customer can be implemented in the video surveillance system with computer vision Orwell 2k.

Detected targets and situations

Detected targets classification
Fire detection
Detection of dropped objects
Crossing a line in a given direction
License plate recognition
Abandoned items detection
Covering the camera with foreign objects
Detected targets counting
Video analytics on PTZ camera


  • real time automatic detection, classification and tracking of targets and situations in according to the image from video cameras, thermal imagers, radars;

  • automatic targeting and tracking by PTZ cameras;

  • real time database formation of detected targets and situations;

  • mnemonics of moving targets and situations on the object map;

  • audiovisual signal to the operator in the case of claim attention situation;

  • self-diagnostics of the system operability with the alarm message retrieval in case of elements failure;

  • minimum of Orwell 2k system false alarms;

  • archive search by time, target class, number / name of the source or group of signal sources, event, operator comment;

  • operator's actions control to minimize the human factor influence, for example, collusion between the operator and violators;

  • web request to get statistics.


Convenient step-by-step setup (from adding cameras and downloading site maps to setting up video analytics algorithms) in a single application

Map building of the objects due to the possibility of combining cameras into groups (streets, rooms, floors, etc.) to obtain an overall accidents picture both at one local object and at geographically distributed objects.


Convenient tools for viewing and processing of the alarm situations

The interface of Orwell 2k video surveillance system

Video Information Window showing
Alarm Event

Video Information Window showing
Alarm Event

The archive with time
stamps of alarm situations
and their status
(processed, unprocessed, false)

Innovative approach to the implementation of the Orwell 2k archive:

  • ergonomic archive controls — fragment select per second;

  • ability to display and export video information simultaneously from several cameras;

  • convenient work with the calendar;

  • speed control of the displayed video;

  • frame-by-frame playback ability.

Innovative approach to the implementation of the Orwell 2k archive
Download Orwell 2k Datasheet
Datasheet Orwell 2k

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